PREMIERE: Cut Hands, “Damballah 58’’

If you’re trying to cut down on your caffeine intake, this morning’s Cut Hands premiere should serve the same purpose. Arriving a few months after William Bennett’s screw-tightening debut on Regis’ Downwards imprint, Damballah 58 is the Whitehouse founder’s second 12” effort for Blackest Ever Black and one of the purest distillations of his aptly-named “Afro-noise” sound. Depending on your disposition, the title track will either sound like someone’s about to break your door down—drums and daggers in tow—or like an adrenaline shot aimed straight at your skull, rolling through your brain in concentrated bursts of Tesla coil tones and ravenous rhythms.

We’ll take the latter…

Cut Hands - 'Damballah 58'

Cut Hands, Damballah 58 12” (Blackest Ever Black, November 11th)
A1. Damballah 58
B1. Mamba Muntu
B2. Belladonna Theme
B3. Immersion