EDITOR’S PICK: Various Artists, ‘Think and Change’

Various Artists - 'Think and Change'

Various Artists - 'Think and Change' The Artist/Album: Various Artists, Think and Change (Nonplus+, 2013)

Our Review: Anyone looking for an antidote to the rise of lunkheaded EDM loops needs to crank Boddika’s expertly curated Think and Change compilation. Reaching well beyond the Instra:mental producer’s drum & bass roots, it features everything from drill sergeant drums (SCB’s “Dissipate”) and bout-ready-to-jak breaks (Endian’s “Straight Intention”) to a Joy Orbison duet (“&Fate”) that sets the bar high only to have it hammered home by the A-game attitude of everything that follows. That includes Four Tet, who treats his guest appearance (“For These Times”) as a filler-free calling card for just how far he’s come from the inherent trappings of ‘folktronica’. So good, all of it.

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