We get a lot of crap CDs at the self-titled offices. But once in a while, a pleasant surprise slips into our promo stack. Here’s a special delivery that we stumbled upon while scanning the final days of Unsound‘s New York schedule…

The Artist/Album: Jacaszek, Treny (Miasmah, 2008)

The Vibe: What would happen if someone wrote an opera for the rest of us. Meaning: the continental drift of laptop loops and mournful, disembodied sopranos, cast against a monochromatic backdrop of frost-bitten strings and synthetic orchestra pit effects. Goddamn gorgeous is one way of putting it. Essential wintertime listening is another.

RIYL: Cabin fever, a couple hours in; classical with a clicks & cuts bent; the “holy minimalism” of Henryk Górecki, which Jacaszek will channel at (Le) Poisson Rouge on Thursday night