Future of the Left Share Three New Demoes, Remind Us How They’re Basically Mclusky With Different Members

We’ll never quite get over the fact that Mclusky–Britain’s best real deal rock band of the past 10 years–broke up way back in 2005, but the following Future of the Left demos are a nice reminder that frontman Andy Falkous and drummer Jack Egglestone are still whipping up on hell of a racket in Mclusky 2.0:

Weighing in on the band’s new songs, Falkous had this to say on his Twitter account a month ago: “‘Polymers Are Forever’–a postmodern take on ‘Eye of the Tiger’. With swearing. Yes, we’re in the studio.”

Consider us psyched, especially now that Future of the Left has a fourth member, Julia Ruzicka, “whose main role(s) in the band are to play guitar and act like a fucking maniac.”

Now here’s a couple of live Mclusky covers by Future of the Left, for people who have problems letting things go…