Mclusky Ready Record Store Day Reissue, Future of the Left Announce ‘The Plot Against Common Sense’ LP

'Mclusky Do Dallas' cover

'Mclusky Do Dallas' coverForget Arcade Fire and, err, Phish; the Record Store Day release we’re beyond psyched about is a little 10-year-old LP called Mclusky Do Dallas. Quite possibly one of the greatest sorely overlooked rock records of all time–we will fight anyone who says otherwise–it was the absolute peak of the piss-taking Welsh band that split in 2005 and retained two of its three core members (frontman Andy “Falco” Falkous, drummer Jack Egglestone) in Future of the Left.

So what does this have to do with Record Store Day? Well, Too Pure is pressing a limited 150g white vinyl reissue of it, just in time to remind us all that Future of the Left has a new album on the way June 12th (The Plot Against Common Sense, Xtra Mile Recordings). You can sample its first single in video form below…