Heather Leigh Cuts Studio Debut Album For Ideologic Organ, I Abused Animal

Heather Leigh


Heather Leigh isn’t exactly new to the experimental music scene; aside from co-running Volcanic Tongue since 2004, she’s performed with everyone from Thurston Moore, Chris Corsano, and Jandek to members of Wolf Eyes and The Dead C. I Abused Animal happens to be her first proper studio LP, however, a long overdue close-up look at the singer’s discomforting lyrics and psych-steeped pedal steel playing. The blues doesn’t get much bleaker.

Have a listen to the album’s winding lead single below, and look out for the rest on November 27th through Stephen O’Malley’s Ideologic Organ imprint…


Heather Leigh
I Abused Animal
(Ideologic Organ, November 27th)

1. I Abused Animal
2. Quicksand
3. All That Heaven Allows
4. Passionate Reluctance
5. The Return
6. Fairfield Fantasy