Jackson and His Computerband Shares Two New Songs From ‘Glow’

Jackson and His Computer Band

Jackson and His Computerband

Cult “French touch” auteur Jackson and His Computerband has shared two new songs from Glow, his first album in eight years. Due out September 3rd through Warp, he describes it as “a game of musical obsessions and rageous pleasures. I’ve made it driven by feverish moments of revelation and sharing them with my friends.”

Good luck cracking the codes of “Arp #1” and “Vista,” music that doesn’t exist anyone outside the Parisian singer/producer’s delightfully twisted mind…

Jackson and His Computer Band - 'Glow'

Jackson and His Computerband, Glow (Warp, September 3rd):
1. Blow
2. Seal
3. Dead Living Things
4. G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)
5. Orgysteria
6. Blood Bust
7. Memory
8. Arp #1
9. Pump
10. More
11. Vista
12. Billy