Jesse Kanda Drops Musical Debut on Hyperdub, Doon Kanda’s Heart EP

doon kanda 'heart' album art

Recurring Arca collaborator Jesse Kanda has revealed his first proper music release, an EP for Hyperdub under the name Doon Kanda. Here’s what the ace visual artist had to say about its strangely beautiful songs, followed by a complete Bandcamp stream:

ok here is my humble attempt to try and put these songs in context .. to reflect and describe what they mean to me:

axolotl is like a chant for giving it your best try

womb is maybe like the moment you’re out and you hear the world unmuffled

wings is like a conversation .. maybe with yourself, maybe between two aspects of you, or with another spirit

feline is sensual like a courtship

heart is losing someone you love and your self

and on the sound of these melodies:

my work might sometimes be coated with a layer of sharp pain like a blade to the eye or ears. but at the heart of it is always love, compassion, empathy.

I think this coating is created to protect itself, like the walls of a womb, or armor. the same way that what’s within us can protect itself and can be hard to crack. it’s kinda in my nature to always try and turn this stuff inside out and expose it.

each of the songs on this ep have this quality. the melodies are treated to cut you like a serrated knife.

but hopefully they are beautiful enough that you’d want to listen anyway.

thank you