LISTENING STATION: Five of Ivan Smagghe’s Favorite Records

Ivan Smagghe

Ivan Smagghe

Since Tim Sweeney’s always on-point Beats in Space show celebrates its 13th anniversary with a two-part Cameo party this weekend, we thought we’d ask Ivan Smagghe (Kill the DJ, It’s a Fine Line, ex-Black Strobe) to share what he’s been listening to lately. Here are five of his favorite records…

1. Zebra Katz, “Imma Read” (Mad Decent, 2012)
I just hope the queer hip-hop thing does not get swallowed by its monstrous fashionista roots.

2. K-X-P, “Easy” (Melodic, 2013)
The new K-X-P LP. (Out in early 2013.) Exactly what you would expect from a Finnish metal head that used to run the electronic label that started the whole minimal thing.

3. Pachanga Boys, “Speedo and Boots” (Hippie Dance, November 5th)
Pachanga Boys are Superpitcher and Rebolledo. A big booty groove and tight trunks; a dark dancefloor and a smile on your face.

4. La Chatte, Bastet (Tsunami-Addiction, 2010)
…And still LA CHATTE, the best thing out of Paris in a while.

5. A whole heap of ‘wonky house’ young guns (Madato, Nyma, Margot, Jacques Smallville, etc.)
The less straight you are…

Ivan Smagghe – Beats in Space Mix:
1. Tools Are Made To Be Broken (Ivan Smagghe Edit) – Colette
2. The Eyes In The Heat – Perfect Gun (Demo) – Kill The DJ
3. Pachanga Boys – Legs – Hippie Dance
4. The Actors Pedantry – House – Ampule
5. Walls – Into Our Midst (Unreleased Mix) – Kompakt
6. Abstraxion – Moribayasa (Kaos Edit) – Different
7. The Eyes In The Heat – Florida – Kill The DJ
8. Francis Bebey – Savannah Georgia (It’s A Fine Line Remix) – Born Bad
9. Tim Paris feat Sex Judas – Too Close (Demo) – Items + Things
10. Marc Houle & Footprintz – Rush To The Capsule – Turbo
11. Au Revoir Simone – ? (It’s A Fine Line Remix Instrumental) – Moshi Moshi
12. The Eyes In The Heat – Amatuer – Kill The DJ
13. Lhasa – The Attic – Music Man
14. Jonathan Kusuma – Preparation – Space Rec
15. The Units – High Pressure Days (Todd Terje Edit)
16. JD Twitch – Psylent Night – Juno