LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Grey Daturas, Return to Disruption

The phrase “we come from a land down under/you better run, you better take cover” just took on a whole new meaning. All thanks to Grey Daturas, a Melbourne trio with a twin guitar attack, skittering oil slick drums and a tendency to wail like a doom-ridden duet between Wolf Eyes and Sunn O))). While they have a stack of splits, EPs, CD-Rs and full-lengths, Return to Disruption is the perfect starter kit for testing the murky waters of Grey Datura’s deep discography.

Oh sure, some noise-leaning interludes (“Balance of Convenience,” “Undisturbed”) will test the patience–and pain threshold–of people who don’t see the melodic potential of scrap metal and power tools. Stick around for the main event, however, and you’ll be rewarded with the sort of amp-frying bliss we’d love to hear on Mogwai’s next LP. Not any peak/valley, loud/soft nonsense; just trance-inducing waves of distortion and drone tones that aren’t a complete bore to listen to.

This one’s definitely not dinner party music, but it’s an absolute must-listen for anyone who digs the pseudo-song-oriented direction of bands like Religious Knives.

And now, a couple sample cuts after the jump …




“Demarcation Disputes/Unity”