LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Loops of Your Heart, ‘And Never Ending Lights’

Loops of Your Heart - 'And Never Ending Nights'The Artist/Album: Loops of Your Heart, And Never Ending Lights (Magazine, 2012)

A Short Review: Axel Willner’s first Loops of Your Heart LP breaks the windswept spell of his work as the Field for something far spacier. It’s as if the producer’s recent move to Berlin has led him down the same road as the city’s leading kosmische cadets, from the metronomic melodies of Neu! to the continental drift chords of Cluster. With two tracks that pass the 10-minute mark and lots of partly cloudy passages that are light on beats and heavy on atmospherics, this one’s definitely fit for red-eye flights and armchairs–a living room listen that lives up to the flawless, trance-inducing efforts of the Field.

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