Matthewdavid Reveals Ambient Mindflight Album, Shares Jimmy Tamborello Collab


“It’s healing music,” Matthewdavid once said of his monthly Dublab show Mindlight Meditations. “It’s my mandatory mindscape vacation weekly take-a-break-from-the-stresses-of-everyday music… a pure thing, an easy thing; it’s music we make to assist our daily living.”

It’s also more than a simple radio set; the producer’s two-hour program taps into old tapes and captures live improvisations with like-minded LA souls like Jimmy Tamborello. And as of next month, Matthewdavid’s Mindflight will also have a home on record, starting with two cassettes and culminating in a double LP this fall. Check out a couple recent collaborations below, along with a few solo excursions that reflect the ambient mindset Matthewdavid has gravitated towards in the wake of last year’s In My World album…