MJ Guider On…
Don’t Get It Twisted


Music and I had an uneasy year together. The things I was most personally drawn to reflected much of what was in the air: heaviness, frustration, anger, anxiety. There are a handful of records that came out of that attraction that I really loved, and spent ample time wallowing in / getting to know. It seems, though, no matter what the state of things is, or what my state of mind, I never lose my appetite for hooks and a good beat.

Don’t Get It Twisted is an EP by Delores Galore that was released over the summer and instantly clicked with me. It urges me to dance and sing along. I get the songs stuck in my head for days at a time, and I want to put it on again when it’s over; it’s the perfect storm to get caught in for a pop-craving brain like mine. I’m grateful for the balance this music lent to my year of listening as much as the hooks.

MJ Guider launched her own label with two special releases this year: a collaboration with choreographer Ann Glaviano and a lathe-cut 7”. Stream both of ’em below via Bandcamp.