Great Dane Makes Us a Rare Mix, Featuring Lots of New and Unreleased Material

Great Dane


This is the first mix I’ve released in about a year (since my BBC/ADBC one) so I’m suuuuper hyped on it. It’s also my first mix entirely made on CDJs, and because of that I feel like it’s the most accurate representation of what it’s like to go to one of my live shows. The transitions/FX might not be 100-percent every time, but it’s more about the overall movement and mood I’m trying to create over time.

Also, I’m stoked to show off a lot of unreleased tracks from my yung padwan Kiki. Releasing Gamma Ray this year is huge for me. I feel more confident about this release than anything I’ve done up to this point, and I think it will be one of my defining albums.

Great Dane – Omega Burger
Tsuruda – DC Boys
Sumthin Sumthin – Fear
Great Dane – Elevate
Kiki – Unreleased
Project Paradis – ODO
Kiki – Unreleased
Great Dane – imagetfukdup
Great Dane – Bone Scroll
Mason Ramsey – Famous (Great Dane x OG Wack drunk edit)
Kendrick Lamar – Humble (Skrillex Remix)
Great Dane – Really Been Sleepin’ On This One
Great Dane – Sorry Steve
Great Dane – Payroll w/ Daktyl
Kiki x Hapa x Great Dane – Unreleased
Great Dane – BRTKYS (The Reggae One)
Cousin Litt – Running Out Of Weed >_< Hapa - Worms Sage The Gemini - Gas Pedal ft. Lamsu (YAYAYI Remix) Baauer - Sow Sumthin Sumthin - Confused Kiki - Unreleased Holly & Roger Wilco - Flight

Great Dane’s new album is now available through the LA producer’s Alpha Pup imprint, ADBC. Stream it and his other proper LPs below.