Shoegaze Band Single Lash Share Lead Single From Holodeck Debut

Single Lash


Holodeck Records has lined up the perfect LP for this fall: Providence, the latest night shade listen from Austin’s leading shoegaze band, Single Lash. Due out October 26th and rounded out by such like-minded players as Neil Lord (Future Museums, Thousand Foot Whale Claw), it explores the art-school evolution of frontman Nicolas Nadeau, who found his creative footing in feedback and minor-keyed melodies at RISD.

The following #selftitledpremiere raises the curtain on the deeply personal record, which Nadeau describes in detail below….

“Come True” is the first track off the album, and with its opening line, it sets the scene for everything that follows. “Called back, with soft insistence/ Providence discreetly cast the snare.”

The hook has dug deeply into us and we are reluctantly wrenched back across the years. Personally, this returns me to the teeth-chattering winter streets of Providence, Rhode Island—a place where time feels collapsed on itself into a night that spans centuries. From our timeless perspective, we can observe the futility of all our plans. More than this, we can see that the greater we have yearned, the more impossibly distant the object of our yearning has grown from us. But what good is it to languish in this poisoned nostalgia trap? Our failures only exist in contrast to our desires, so we have to let go of both—if we can.

Single Lash | Providence album cover

Single Lash
(Holodeck, October 26th)

1. Come True
2. Frozen Honey
3. Shedder Orpheous
4. Visitations
5. Asthma
6. Unheard
7. Broken Tougue
8. Final Complaints