Omni Gardens Announces Debut Album, West Coast Escapism

Omni Gardens

Moon Glyph founder Steve Rosborough has signed to Holodeck for his first album under the name Omni Gardens. Due out September 28th, West Coast Escapism is exactly that: a New Age mind number in the inter-dimensional spirit of Iasos, Steve Halpern, and Rosborough’s previous project, Soothsayer. Case in point: the record’s lead track and first official single, “Thinking,” which sets the scene on another astral plane entirely.

“West Coast Escapism is about seeking that transportive feeling—that break from the day to day,” explains the Oakland-based producer. “The video for ‘Thinking’ expresses that narrative in bursts of vibrant, evolving colors and a warping of natural images into something alien.”

Or as director Victor Enriquez (a.k.a. drip//cuts) puts it, “I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and let the music inspire my visual interpretation. I saw natural landscapes and movement of water, so I compiled some beautiful coast line clips and used two video mixers and a camera to create complex feedback patterns. The wide range of control over the feedback made processing the source footage really fun!”

Omni Gardens | West Coast Escapism

Omni Gardens
West Coast Escapism
(Holodeck, September 28th)

1. Thinking
2. The Distant Spring
3. The Physical Plane, The Astral Plane
4. Dreams of Neptune Healers
5. Free
6. Crystal Rhodes
7. Quieted Mind