NE215: Elusive Unleashes Wealth of Unreleased Material on Exclusive Mix

Elusive mix


Now that tax day is nearly upon us, Elusive has delivered a welcome distraction: self-titled’s latest Needle Exchange mix, “an ode to the spring season and to all things fresh and new. Maybe a soundtrack for that spring cleaning.”

Since he’s been doing the beat conductor dance for decades, Elusive’s 50-minute set is more than just a mere DJ mix, too. Leaning heavily on previously unreleased material, it threads the needle between the LA producer’s deep back catalogue and his latest Alpha Pup LP (Fusion Swing) beautifully. Cue and crank it all below….

Morning Mist (unreleased)
In The 6 (unreleased)
Purpl Visions (unreleased)
Rinse Cycle (feat. Nite Jewel)
Mast – Metamorphosis Theme (Elusive Remix)
Blue Dreams (unreleased)
Paper Parachutes (feat. Emile Poree)
Seasonal Changes (unreleased)
Tru Signs (unreleased)
Dukkha (unreleased)
Niels Broos (feat. Jameszoo) – HAL (Elusive Remix)
Visitors From the Sky
fckin arnd (unreleased)
Revelations (unreleased)
Animal Cookies (unreleased)
Even Swing (feat. Emile Poree, Todd Simon and Ardom Belton)