Siren Make Us a ‘Very Adult Mix’ of Joyful Dance Music For Late-Night Loft Parties


Siren is the production duo of Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area/Startree) and Dennis Kane (Disques Sinthomme/Ghost Town). Long before they started working on records, the two DJ’d together, holding residencies at NYC venues like Love (with its custom GSA booth and system) and Cielo. The two also organized and threw the Strobe Lodge parties—late-night loft ventures where their crew set up amazing rooms with great sound and lights, an open bar, and 12-hour DJ sets.

Lulu, Siren’s new Compost EP, takes their sound to even more refined cosmic and gritty levels, carving out a unique space in a far too homogenized dance music scene. They are composers and producers of lyrical songs that happen to be tailored for joy on the dancefloor.

For the following self-titled set, they dig through material old and new, reflecting the feeling of one of their pieces—elegant, street wise, ribald, and transformative.

Enjoy this very adult mix; the bar is open….