NEEDLE EXCHANGE 108: An Exclusive Mix By … Locrian

Words by Terence Hannum

Deepwater Horizon. There the iridescent coils unfurled across a gulf I once swam in. The surface embellished with plumes that went on to the coasts becoming bathed in a bitumenous baptism. Aerial views swooping down on the tiniest ships and tankers, wandering aimlessly in a prismatic desert of the future. How do we confront the sublime? How do we make sense of beauty and terror? We want to know all; we must know all; we must root out the source and the reason. If only to discover that it makes no sense. In the end I recall my attention drawn to the submerged camera, its unblinking eye streamed to us the future from fathoms below with total supreme indifference. It held no stake but to document the billowing crude and predict for us our end. It was a message from the future on an infinite beacon, one where you could watch it alone at 2 a.m. just to know. But to know what? It was a beacon that returns in memory and only shadows the pale actions of our present utter indifference.

This to me is “The Clearing”…

Locrian – Needle Exchange 108:
1. Autechre, “Altibzz”
2. Aluk Todolo, “Premier Contact”
3. Colleen, “Ritournelle”
4. Deathspell Omega, “Salowe Vision”
5. Harmonia, “Arabesque”
6. Eyehategod, “Non Conductive Negative Reasoning”
7. Fabio Fizzi, “Zombi Main Title”
8. Forteresse, “Forest D’Automne”
9. Cluster, “Zum Wohl”
10. Sleepwalker, “Untitled”
11. Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer, “Untitled”
12. Genesis, “It”
13. David Bowie, “Weeping Wall”
14. Head of David, “Ditchwater”
15. Popol Vuh, “Aguirre III”
16. Uranus, “Circumstance”
17. Talk Talk, “Inheritance”
18. Vieo Abiungo & Pete Monro, “In Fits of Frustration”


Locrian recently signed to Relapse Records, who’ll reissue an expanded, remastered edition of their collaborative record with Horseback on November 6th. If you can’t wait that long, Handmade Birds just released Locrian’s limited LP with fellow sound traveler Christoph Heemann. You can pick up the vinyl pressing here, or grab a budget-minded digital version at Amazon.