NEEDLE EXCHANGE 118: An Exclusive Mix By … Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace
Pearl Necklace
Photo: Martha Fleming-Ives

It shouldn’t be a surprise considering how sample-happy and strange their Smalltown Supersound debut (Soft Opening) is, but the MPC maestros in Pearl Necklace didn’t just string the latest underground singles together in their Needle Exchange mix. Like the Avalanches with a more left-field collection of loops, the Brooklyn duo delivered a dance set that’s mustier than your grandma’s attic and downright delirious. Here’s how they describe it:

Most mixes try to establish a narrative, and mostly around orders of taste and history. This mix was made “live” with records that felt more free of direct legibilities and open enough to receive our treatment–largely mixed with other recordings–towards confusions through multiplicity rather than an imposed hierarchy.

Crack that time capsule down below…

Pearl Necklace, ‘Needle Exchange 118’:
1. Grand Central Centennial Coterminal Reproduction
2. My Pops
3. Bottom Energy
4. No Makeup
5. Titanic Syndrome
6. “S”ensational Wind
7. Objection!
8. Styles of Loss
9. Styles of Loss
10. Ash Wednesday