NEEDLE EXCHANGE 136: An Exclusive Mix By…Dalglish

When we asked Chris Douglas to explain his exclusive self-titled mix (subtitle: “Remember Us”), he sent back the following riddle-me-this-riddle-me-that rundown:

“Every genre has taken risks, but for every Post-, there’s been a Pre-. Some things just have to be uncovered to connect the dots; I offer you a shovel. Or use your hands.”

Which is kinda appropriate given how abstract his own music often is, from the decades of material Douglas delivered under the name O.S.T. to the producer’s recently reactivated Dalglish project, which will unveil a new album (Niaiw Ot Vile) on November 8th through PAN. Like the label’s other releases, its attention to detail is captured both artistically and sonically, with a signature geometric sleeve and a disquieting mix of diamond-tipped sound design, ambient-washed ripple effects and deeply felt drones.

The Detroit underground heroes Douglas once recorded with—Drexciya’s James Stinson and Underground Resistance’s Mike Banks—would be proud…

Needle Exchange 136: Daglish
Altibzz – Autechre
Hole in Wall – Bernard Hermann
Seit Nuin (Extended) – Dalgish
Conversation Rahsaan – Roland Kirk
It’s Gonna Rain – Steve Reich
Ampnoise – Dome
4 – Tod Dockstader
II – Taj Mahal Travellers
Nucleotide – Michael Shrieve
Track06 – M. Bianchi
Urcsthin (Unreleased) – Dalglish
Remembrance – Ross 154
Dedans-Dehors – Bernard Parmegiani
Unreleased – Dalglish
Ill Fares The Land – The Stranger
Xektses – Autechre
Cake Mic – Gescom
B 36 – Moebius
Mi – O.S.T.
Bohor – Iannis Xenakis
Munretha – O.S.T.
Atmosphares – Gyorgy Ligeti
How The West Was Won – Psych
Travellor (Unexplained Reprise) – Phenomyna
Lyot (reshape) (edit) – Vainqueur
Providence or Fate – The Stranger
Unreleased – Dalglish
Interval IV – Derrick May
Improvisation In Fourth – Dick Hyman
And On The Seventh Petaluma – Harry Partch
Solar Drums – Sun Ra
Gestures – Morton Subotnick
19.57 EC (Unreleased) – Dalglish
Violent Daydreams – Kevin Drumm
Syimproa (unreleased) – Dalglish
Out/Kutz (extended) – Dalglish
Tanar Part 2 – Roland Kayn
Dahinter Industriegelande – Asmus Tietchens
Inexorably Tied To You – John Beltran
Coral – Red Kite
Thick Skin, Paper Thin – Charles Hayward
Venerandum_SclDrGshMix – Ektoise
Mu Na H-Uile Ni A Shaoileas – Anthony Moore
Valuska – Mihály Víg
Remember Us – Leyland Kirby
Remember Us (Piano Version) – Leyland Kirby