NEEDLE EXCHANGE 138: An Exclusive Mix By…Son Lux

“We stand and release the lanterns, heavens open and suck in the whispering flames rising, extinguishing in the anguished inhale. They flicker out, like withering flowers scorched dry and brittle by the sun. All that is left is a memory of the war, the struggle and the long dance. Machines churn on as the children tell their elders of the betrayed and broken weapons. It is hard to let go of the chase, to stop and rebulid all the things right again when it feels lost and tired from trying. There is no escape, no ransom, no easy alternative for the crimes and tears of our ancestors. But there is still a faint vision in the stones and grain, holy ghosts in the building wiling to wait. Water and bread in the deep mystery of sound made flesh, muscle, skin, claws. Leave the riches and lay down in the mud, let it fill your ears and cake over your face. It will dry out and crust, fall away, our faces new and watching the lanterns descend, lit and remembering.” Son Lux


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Needle Exchange 138: Son Lux
1. Teebs, “Double Fifths”
2. Mr. Oizo, “Bad Start”
3. This Heat, “Horizontal Hold”
4. So (Markus Popp + Eriko Toyoda), “E”
5. Radian, “Vertigo”
6. Dabrye, “Machines Pt. 1”
7. Lukid, “Veto”
8. Helado Negro, “Octubre 22”

Son Lux’s latest album—’Lanterns’, “an opera from another world” featuring members of Dirty Projectors, the Antlers, Mutemath and more—is available now through Joyful Noise. Check out one of its standout songs below…