NEEDLE EXCHANGE 143: An Exclusive Mix By… Lace Curtain

Longmont Potion Castle – Lobster
How much do you need to say about LPC to Americans? Hopefully not much.

Jonathan Halper – I Am A Hermit (excerpt)
I don’t know jack shit about these dudes. Nobody knows jack shit about these dudes. Excellent backwards psychotic guitar effect. This song makes me feel heavy in the stomach.

Pink Flamingos – Just Like in the Movies
My buddy Kelley Stoltz hipped me to the Pink Flamingos and I forgot to chase it up. A year later I found it at a local trash market for 30c. Took it home and fell in love with it for about a year. Just like all of my relationships. Perfect pop record. RIP Dave McArtney.

Paula Deen – Donut Burger (excerpt)

Dwight Tilley – Looking For the Magic
Speaking of perfect pop songs. Tweeting of perfect pop songs.

Cleaners From Venus – Time in Vain
Props to Robbie Simon from the band Wet Illustrated who electronically turned me onto this band. Majestic pop bravado beamed from alternate world hit parade.

1990 Glen Benton BBC Interview (excerpt)

The Move – Do Ya
I got into this song when Mike Harkin of the great record label Catholic Guilt destroyed a dance floor in San Francisco with it. ELO’s version is great too, but I think The Move’s is #1. Jeff Lynne is the best Traveling Wilburry.

Paula Deen – Donut Burger (excerpt)

Anonymous Kiss Impersonator – ‘Long Flowing Robe…’ (excerpt)
My favourite thing on the internet computer. It kind of broke my heart a little bit more every time I watched it and then I watched the doc it is from called Ace’s High about an all-Frehley KISS cover band. When I watched it in context it wrecked the sadness and I wish I could take it back.

Jonathan Halper – I Am A Hermit
Edith Bliss – “Midnight”
Edith was a reporter on famed ’80s Australian children’s TV show Wonderworld. RIP Edith Bliss.

Hieroglyphic Being – I Am What I Am
Our buddy James picked this. Hats off to the lad.

Longmont Potion Castle – Duckling Fantasy
My favourite LPC work. ‘I need a broom! I’m local!’

Anne Clark – Our Darkness
Best ever Spoken Word Slam Poetry Pumping High NRG Dance Track Made By British Poet With Great Short Haircut and Sax Solo.

Interview with Thor from ‘The Zone’ (excerpt)
Eew Err!!!

Andre Cymone – Kelly’s Eyes
Immortal buddy and childhood confident of the Purple One. Minneapolis gold. Call me, Kelly!

Kids Interviewing Morrissey & Marr (excerpt)

Shoes – Why Do I Get So Shy
I have shed physical tears more than once to this song.

Steve Warner – Concrete River
Steve was my guitar teacher as a teenager. I stopped guitar lessons because I was trying to save money for Schoolie’s Week. Ten years later I found Steve’s record in an op shop; I had no idea it existed. I went home and listened. It was fab. I hunted his internet email down on the internet and said, ‘Steve, dude, thanks for changing my life.’ This record is the nicest record in the world to go to sleep to. This song is the most romantic song in the world.

Oprah And Friends Having Lunch In A Holiday House (excerpt)

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