NEEDLE EXCHANGE 148: An Exclusive Mix By… Principles of Geometry

Principles of Geometry

Now that they’ve wrapped up their “omniscient trilogy” of synth-laced, guest-visited (Tonetta, Subtitle, Sebastien Tellier, Vast Aire) soundtracks to future times, Principles of Geometry have shifted their focus to the emotionally charged, childlike fantasies of Meanstream. Due out next Monday through Joakim’s Tigersushi imprint, it finds the Parisian duo bridging the gap between genres and generations, right down to the supporting role of the Alessi Brothers (see: this Ghostbusters selection) on several tracks.

To help make sense of all these divergent sounds, we asked J&G to share an exclusive mix. Presenting “Arpmixtape Streamean”…

“Hello Friends,

Here’s a tiny mixtape of miscellaneous tracks we wanted to share with you—tracks we’re into and edits we enjoyed diggin’ in, a kind of quick ABC guide to the ‘Meanstream’ feeling. Simply keeping Love as a guide.

So, take your headphones, go outside for a walk , and bring it out to the sun. Enjoy and relax…

Peace & Light,


1. POG Ident / Principles of Geometry
2. Lay your Hands on me / Peter Gabriel
3. Roberto’s Arabesque / Angelo Badalamenti
4. Rakim (Live) / Dead Can Dance
5. O Yea / Beautiful Swimmers
6. Africa / Toto
7. End of all eras / Pye Corner Audio
8. Tarifa / Torn Hawk
9. Streamsters / Principles of Geometry
10. Trong / Beak
11. Sega Sunset / Lorn
12. The Brazilian / Genesis
13. Graham’s Theme / Michel Rubini
14. Boarders / Bambounou
15. On the Beach (Principles of Geometry remix) / Joakim
16. The Overture (Edit) / Jean Michel Jarre
17. Born Again / Black Sabbath

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