Parachute Records Announces New Releases From Dead Fader, POORGRRRL

Parachute Records continues to push the boundaries of electronic/experimental music with two looming releases from Dead Fader and the Miami-based performance artist POORGRRRL. While you may remember the former’s mix of mostly exclusive music from a few years back, the latter is more of a recent phenomenon captured in a Miami New Times cover story last December and a love-or-loathe video that includes excerpts from her PITIPARTI EP and reminds us of everything from Ryan Trecartin to PC Music.

Have a look and a listen down below, as we share POORGRRRL’s YouTube trailer and a #selftitledpremiere of the woozy lead single from Dead Feader’s It Works 1


Dead Fader
It Works 1
(Parachute, June 24th)

1. Spinning Wheel
2. Climaxed
3. Sweeties
4. Inject


(Parachute, July 22nd)

1. errrrrrrrrrrrrror
2. we Trashy
4. the bluèzZz… rn