Odd Nosdam Makes a
‘Deep Ambient Mix’

Odd Nosdam


In the spirit of Odd Nosdam’s recent Music For Raising LP—not to mention our divisive #notthebestambientalbumsofalltime discussion—we asked the cLOUDDEAD co-founder to cut an exclusive “deep ambient mix” for our Needle Exchange series. We’ve been told to play it loud and expect “incredible material by lesser-known artists” (highlighted in the Bandcamp links below) “along with a few household names in the ambient game.”

Bump it and key elements of Nosdam’s back catalogue down below….

00:00 Drape – “Yellow, Green”
03:05 Bing & Ruth – “The Towns We Love Is Our Town”
09:48 The Dead Texan – “Aegina Airlines”
12:38 oldboy – “1554523320”
17:37 Bre’r – “Dhome Herder I (Excerpt)”
25:07 Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker – “Phantom on a Pedestal”
30:58 Eluvium – “I Will Not Forget That I Have Forgotten”
36:20 Burial – “Forgive”
39:29 Boards of Canada – “Tears From the Compound Eye”
43:36 Wagner – “Hawk’s Prairie (Save Point)”