PEEP SHOW: Celtic Frost Remind Us Why We’ve Always Wanted to Wear Corpsepaint in Public

Dude, lose the bear mask; this isnt the goddamn Teddybears.
Any thoughts as to who's the scariest son of a bitch in this photo?

The rapturous response we’ve gotten to our metal v. girlfriend guide has left us revisiting some of our favorite extreme listens from the past year. (This is coming from s/t‘s editor, who became obsessed with metal after becoming one of Decibel‘s first contributors. A little earlier than Aaron, in other words.)

Monothesis, Celtic Frost‘s first studio record in more than a decade, proved to be one of the mightiest releases of their 15-year-plus career. Unfortunately, it also proved to be their last, because the band broke up for the second time in 2008. Enjoy the melodramatic music/video after the jump …