Ensemble Economique Weaves Purple Pilgrims Into Lush Single

Ensemble Economique

Like many other longtime members of Northern California’s underground music scene, Brian Pyle did not take Oakland’s tragic Ghost Ship fire lightly. He poured it into a deeply personal Ensemble Economique LP; true to its title, Radiate Through You draws from a deep well of emotion and finds the light that lurks just beyond the darkness.

That’s especially the case with its closer, which Pyle unveils alongside some commentary below….

The ‘blue hour’ is the hour after the sun has set, when the soft, residual pale light from the sun, deep below the horizon, expands into every type of blue, reaching all the way to night and the first glimpse of stars. You feel the expansiveness of the universe, the curvature of the atmosphere, its infinity beauty, its epic scale.

“Blue Hour” was initially an instrumental track, but I thought a vocal part might really work, so I asked my good friends, the amazing duo Purple Pilgrims, if they’d like to sing on it. They agreed and sent me these amazing vocal overdubs—completely different from what I expected, more intuitive emotions, no lyrics/words. It took some time to figure out how to work them into the composition. I had some magical moments in the studio, a bit of luck, and presto! Deeply thankful for the contribution from Clementine and Valentine; so happy to have their vibes/energy on this.

It’s a very personal piece of music. I wrote this track as a tribute to my wife Kamile—an expression of her profound beauty and radiant light.

Ensemble Economique | Radiate Through You album cover

Ensemble Economique
Radiate Through You
(Denovali, September 29th)

1. Music Is Life (feat. Alexander Molero)
2. I See You (Three Crosses), Part 1
3. I See You (Three Crosses), Part 2
4. Breathing Your Secret Language
5. Blue Hour (feat. Purple Pilgrims)