Stream Ensemble Economique’s Melt Into Nothing Album and Read His Commentary

Ensemble Economique

The latest entry in Brian Pyle’s lengthy Ensemble Economique catalog might as well be subtitled “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space.” Actually, Melt Into Nothing makes sense as well, what with the way these six songs slowly unfurl and fade to black alongside disembodied melodies and creeping, melancholic chords, as if Pyle is trying to get signed to 4AD a couple decades too late…

Well the title says it all. The feeling when lips first connect and time stops and your heart explodes and the only thing that exists is that moment and nothing could be more beautiful.

And you have the kiss. And you kiss and you kiss and you kiss and you’re in east Berlin and it’s deep into the night and you’re floating.

The distance, the desire, how she’s with you, everywhere you go and you just want to feel her wrap around you, feel that energy, her body next to yours, your body next to hers.

To miss someone so much, to count the days ’til she’s next to you.

You’re driving all night, the sun is rising and in the early light, you lean over and you kiss and the road is never-ending and you feel this motion, rolling down the open-road and you grab her hand and she grabs yours.

I just look into her eyes; it feels like we’ll never die…

It’s the end-scene and nothing could be more powerful/beautiful.

‘Melt Into Nothing’ is available now through Denovali Records.