“Sur Le Ventre”


More than four decades after their groundbreaking debut, Faust co-founders Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi Diermaier continue to redefine manic Krautrock music with j US t (Bureau B, November 28th). Here’s what Peron had to say about today’s video premiere for “Sur le ventre”:

SUR LE VENTRE , an extract of the new faUSt album ” j US t ” ,

“..On your belly ! ass by the ants, nose up the stars , we’re moving, oh yes, we’re moving …”
Faust is all about animals, food , metals, hypnotic drumming and dada non-sense and ….errr..ah yes: and music !

The album ” j US t ” is all about home studio recordings, spontaneity and a strong desire to reach back to the roots : just us !

JHP.art-Errorist ( jean-hervé péron) and Zappi ( w. diermaier) recorded pieces ,finished enough for all to let their fantasy run free yet unfinished enough for anyone to overdub their own sounds on it

And yes, jhp and zappi would love to listen to what you’ve done . Send to jhp@art-errorist.de.