Pedro Vian
“Le Fou”

Pedro Vian

Having spent the past couple years building his Modern Obscure Music imprint in Barcelona and shaping his own sound through a few well-received EPs, Pedro Vian finally shifts his focus to a proper full-length on November 9th. Largely a living room listen, right down to the Cocteau Twins references of a Mourn collaboration called “801 Nite,” Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories also dips into adventurous dancefloors with songs like today’s #selftitledpremiere. Originally an outtake from a Venice Biennale score for the luxe Italian brand Bevilacqua Pizzinato, “Le Fou” is now a full-on album standout, bursting at the seams with broken rhythms and robust arpeggios.



Pedro Vian
Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories
(Modern Obscure Music, November 9th)

1. Pandora
2. Invisible Objects
3. Copelands
4. Nine is Nine
5. Miralls
6. 801 Nite feat. Carla Perez Vas
7. Le Fou
8. Maia
9. Vinçon
10. Paradiso
11. Indian Strings
12. Start Again

Pedro Vian tour dates:
10/7 Madrid, Spain – Villamanuela
10/8 Donosti, Spain – Dabadaba
10/22 Valencia, Spain – Caravaca Club
10/31 Barcelona, Spain – TBA ^
11/4 Barcelona, Spain – Razzmatazz #
11/9 Los Angeles, CA – Dublab
11/14 New York, NY – The Lot Radio
11/24 Barcelona, Spain – Discos Paradiso
12/18 Macarena, Spain – MOM Night

^ Modern Obscure Music vs. The Monkey Bar
# with Hieroglyphic Being