“In Another Time, In and Out of Form”

The ever-evolving world of Jenks Miller’s Horseback project takes another hard left turn on Dead Ringers (available August 12th through Relapse), a swirly excursion into the void populated by psych, drone, shoegaze, and Krautrock. Today’s #selftitledpremiere is especially out there, riding a wave of restless guitar riffs and hypnotic rhythms. Here’s what Miller had to say about it, along with two previously leaked selections from the album…

“In and Out of Form” is built on traditional ‘rock band’ instrumentation, and it’s the only track on ‘Dead Ringers’ with its basic tracks recorded live. The other musicians featured on this one—John Crouch (drums), Nick Petersen (bass), and Rich James (rhythm guitar)—also appeared on ‘Half Blood’ (2012) and ‘Piedmont Apocrypha’ (2014).