PREMIERE: Kodomo, “Mind Like a Diamond”


As cold and mechanical as many IDM tracks were during that scene’s heyday, not everyone was more concerned with cracking binary codes than creating records that actually resonate. Brooklyn’s own Kodomo sounds like he stems from the more relatable side of the clicks + cuts camp, especially on his new “Mind Like a Diamond” single, which he describes as follows:

“The title is taken from a reference in Vajrayana Buddhism in which the enlightened aspect of ‘mind’ can be compared to that of a diamond in that it can cut anything, and is itself un-cut-able; nothing can affect it. For me, this piece is about the ability to overcome. My father passed away about 10 years ago, and it had a big impact on our family. I didn’t think about it when writing the piece but it occurred to me after I was well into it that the energy of the piece was motivated by a strong sense of coming to terms with this event in my life and my feelings behind it.”

Have a listen down below, and look for the rest of the producer’s self-released Patterns & Light LP on June 24th…