Softcore untd. Share Debut Cascine Single, “Sjansespill”

Softcore untd

Signed to Cascine on the strength of a hometown show in Bergen, Softcore untd. are one of the most unclassifiable acts we’ve heard in a while. Featuring members of Sushi x Kobe (Emir Hindic), FAKETHIAS (Mathias Humlen), and Verdensrommet (Andreas Høvset, Vetle Junker), the quartet somehow manages to mix hip-hop, house, pop, and glimmers of the music that made Norway an epicenter of extreme music in the ’90s.

“We try to make something new every time we’re together,” explains Junker. “How a track gets made varies. Sometimes it’s a lyric, sometimes it’s a chord, sometimes a melody. Despite the starting point, we always have a clear idea of what Softcore untd. is at a fundamental level.”

See: their imminent “Sjansespill” single below, along with some previously released pieces and commentary from the group….

Softcore came together as a natural response to our assorted references across music and art. We were all making music in different projects around Bergen and Oslo, but it was obvious that we had similar tastes. We eventually linked up at a show and sealed the deal. In the studio, our approach comes down to never trying to force the issue or do something that doesn’t feel intuitive. We write until it stops feeling natural, then we asses the track and see what we’re working with.