Telefon Tel Aviv Tackles These Hidden Hands On New 12”

These Hidden Hands

These Hidden Hands have tapped quite a crew of left-field producers to tweak last year’s Vicarious Memories LP. Aside from featuring such longtime s/t favs as Lustmord and JK Flesh (a.k.a. Justin Broadrick of Jesu and Godflesh), this week’s Vicarious Memories Remixed EP highlights the surgical precision of Telefon Tel Aviv co-founder Joshua Eustis.

Here’s what he had to say about today’s #selftitledpremiere, along with such semi-related streams as These Hidden Hands’ back catalogue and Telefon Tel Aviv’s recent acclaimed run of reissues….

The original version of “Glasir” has an ecclesiastical otherworldliness to it that I wanted to preserve, while trying to freeze time on a singular moment of the piece. The idea was to zoom in on this moment as far as I could go, and preserve this snapshot in amber. The aim was to make this alternate version feel like an infinitesimal moment within the original piece that might skip right by the listener if not heard with some kind of auditory microscope, an instant frozen in time.