Timmy’s Organism
“Back in the Dungeon”

Timmy's Organism - "Back in the Dungeon" video

The living art show that is Tim Lampinen takes on a D&D-or-die bent in the new Jesus Rivera video for “Back in the Dungeon.” Or as the Detroit demigod puts it, what you’re about to experience is a rip-roaring slab of “three-headed monster rock!” Available in the player above, the clip is taken from last fall’s Timmy’s Organism LP, Heartless Heathen. According to Rivera (a.k.a. DEMONBABIES), it goes a little something like this:

“Back in the Dungeon” is a snotty, psychotronic, 12-sided dice roll of a fun time. I love VHS tapes, ’80s heavy-metal magazines, and ’80s fantasy flicks. Also, I love the idea of using wizardry to transmit VHS feeds into a person’s brain. Like, medieval virtual reality. We wanted to take all of those things and give it a punk rock mutant-damaged Timmy makeover. Keep it weird, keep it raw and entertaining. We filmed it all in a day and a half with no crew.

By chance, my artist friend, Calder Greenwood, just so happened to have a Dungeon set…. so we took advantage of that. In the near future, I would love to see a Timmy’s Organism action figure set sold with green slime. Can someone make that happen?