Regis Shares Rock Mix, ‘The Sex in Your Soul’

Regis live

Unlike the hardcore dance set he delivered during Red Bull Music Academy’s Brooklyn run last weekend, Regis’ new Downwards mix revolves around mangled rock music and is best summed up by its Swans-referencing “Sex In Your Soul” tag. Listen to it in full below, and look out for an onslaught of long overdue digital releases through Downwards soon, including releases from Samuel Kerridge, Russell Haswell, and the Surgeon collaboration British Murder Boys. The label’s acclaimed Halha retrospective hit iTunes earlier this month, right around the same time as Regis’ limited Sandra Electronics 12” with Silent Servant. Check out its clear vinyl pressing via Minimal Wave here.

1. Death Threats
2. Swell Maps – New York
3. Dave Howard Singers – Nothing to Say
4. Pussy Galore – Yu Gung
5. Swans – New Mind
6. World Domination Enterprises – Asbestos Lead Asbestos
7. The Wolfgang Press – Burden of Mules
8. Flux of Pink Indians -Tube Disaster
9. Bogshed – Hand Me Down Father
10. You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath – Halo Flaming Lead
11. Test Department – Spring into Action
12. Scratch Acid – Owner’s Lament
13. Crime and the City Solution – On Every Train
14. A.C.Miras – One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing
15. Lydia Lunch – This Side Of Nowhere