SCREAMING AT A (GALLERY) WALL: Finally, An Answer to the Abomination That Was Steven Blush’s ‘American Hardcore’

When Nathan Nedorostek left us for ‘someone else’ earlier this year, we had no idea he meant a photo-heavy book on the history of hardcore music. Due out at the end of the month via MTV Press, Radio Silence makes us wish it was 1997 again–the year of Snapcase‘s Progression Through Unlearning (sorry, but self-titled‘s roots extend to Buffalo, the land of the Goo Goo Dolls, Ani DiFranco and not much else) and that time a militant, buffoonish Earth Crisis fan clocked us in the face for wearing a leather jacket.

You had to be there. And if you weren’t, the following Radio Silence release parties are a good place to start (click the flyers to RSVP). We’ll also be running B-roll photos from the book in the third issue of self-titled