Sd Laika Announces Debut Album For Tri Angle Records, ‘That’s Harakari’

As first teased on last month’s “Idiot Thug” mix, Sd Laika has finally lined up his debut LP, a bonkers extension of the experimental grime/UK underground vibes the Milwaukee (take that London!) producer first explored on 2012’s cult EP Unknown Vectors. Due out April 28th through Tri Angle Records, That’s Harakari is described as “meditative and claustrophobic,” a “brash and provocative” listen that’s also “extremely emotionally charged.”

Which is a roundabout way of saying it fits right in on the label, all while carving out its own corner that’s danceable and demented in equal measure…

Sd Laika, That’s Harakari (Tri Angle, April 28th):
1. Peace
2. Great God Pan
3. Gutter Vibrations
4. I Don’t
5. Meshes
6. Remote Heaven
7. You Were Wrong
8. Don’t Know
9. Peaking
10. It’s Ritual
11. Percressing