Tri Angle

Hanz Makes Us a ‘Mellow Yet Dramatic’ Mix

A set in the spirit of his new Tri Angle EP

Compton White Readies Tri Angle Reissue

Featuring a Jean-Michel Blais remix

Stream Katie Gately’s Tri Angle Debut and Read the Stories Behind Her Songs

"It's always about how much can I add before it just sounds too crazy"

“4 Min. Surgery”

A traditional hip-hop track, tapping into such admitted influences as the Bomb Squad, RZA, and Marley Marl

Balam Acab Dropping New Child Death Record Tonight At 9 PM EST

Don't worry; death metal cover aside, it's "still plenty euphoric and pretty and all"

Rabit On… Rizzla’s Iron Cages EP

"I didn't know there were artists injecting their own sexuality and politics into club music. Rizzla is a huge influence on me in that regard."

Roly Porter Announces New Album, Third Law

It's his first for Tri Angle

Rabit Gets Personal and Political on Debut Album, Communion

Between this and Visionist, October is looking like THE month for moody grime

Björk Shares DJ Set From Tri Angle Party

A celebration of the label's fifth anniversary featuring Kate Bush, Brandy, Cut Hands, Death Grips and more

Balam Acab Reveals New Album Plans

"An offering to all y'all who have been so supportive of and good to me"

La Monte Young, FKA twigs, PC Music and More Confirmed For Red Bull Music Academy’s Latest New...

Also: a Tri Angle takeover, Storm Rave revival, and gnarly noise show

REVIEW/PHOTOS: Robert Henke + The Haxan Cloak @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple, 5.10.14

Welcome to the terror dome

WIFE Announces Debut Album, Featuring Roly Porter, The Haxan Cloak and lie

The former Altar of Plagues frontman veers into full-on torch ballad territory

Read Our Evian Christ Cover Story

“He e-mailed last night. He wants something that sounds a bit like Otis Redding, a bit like Mobb Deep.”

Evian Christ, “Waterfall”

A war between the producer's experimental side and the clubs he's looking to clobber in the months ahead