Stream Burial’s New ‘Rival Dealer’ EP

Burial fans got a special delivery earlier this morning, as the producer’s longtime label Hyperdub dropped his new EP digitally a week earlier than its CD/vinyl pressing. Download Rival Dealer direct from the source here, or stream all three songs below, including the tense, jungle-jabbed title track and the rain-slicked, piano-driven “Hiders,” which ends in a rush of hopeful synth hooks and an ambient-washed outro that segues right into the nearly side-long, multi-movement ballad “Come Down to Us.”

“I spend a lot of time wandering around London,” the reclusive producer said in a rare interview with The Wire a few years back. “Sometimes it’s because I’ve got somewhere to go; sometimes it’s because I haven’t got anywhere to go… Being on your own listening to headphones is not a million miles away from being in a club surrounded by people. You let it in, you’re more open to it. Sometimes you get that feeling like a ghost touched your heart, like someone walks with you.

He continued, explaining his distinct sound even further: “It’s about being on a night bus, or with your mates, walking home across your city on your own late at night, or being in a situation with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or coming back from a club, or putting tunes on an falling asleep. If you’re well into tunes, your life starts to weave around them”…