Stream a Sick Pan Sonic Set From 1996

Pan Sonic

Sad you never got to see Pan Sonic live? Us too, especially now that Mika Vainio’s passing has sunk in and there’s a gaping hole in the experimental techno scene. We’ve always preferred celebrating a person’s legacy over mourning his or her loss, however, so it’s with great pleasure that we present a peerless live performance from the Finnish duo. Recorded straight to DAT in 1996, it’s now available below via longtime Ninja Tune employee Jeff Waye (a.k.a. Ghostbeard), who had this to say:

Back in the early 90’s myself (Jeff Waye) and Linus Booth had started a record label, Discreet/Indiscreet Records. To launch one [of] our releases by David Kristian we decided we needed one of our favourite groups Panasonic to come headline. With zero idea of how to throw an event or say what work papers were we somehow got two Finns and a bunch of gear over the border and set up at a closed down rap club (which fortunately hadn’t had the PA stripped out). Upon learning of Mika Vainio’s passing and the ensuing nostalgia I remembered I had a DAT tape of that night. So here it is… Panasonic’s set from that night in all its glory.

Completist edit… a reliable source says this is 1996 and not 1995 despite me remembering this being organized around the Clubfoot EP release in ’95. I mean it’s not impossible it took us a year to organize a launch party…