Stream Pinch’s Cold Mixes, Featuring Dubplates From Alex Coulton, Ipman, Kinzy and More


A little less than a year after Pinch launched Cold Recordings as “an outlet for new movements in the ever evolving UK hardcore continuum”—read: a dubstep-free break from his influential Tectonic imprint—the producer has cut a dubplate-heavy mix featuring tracks from Ipman, Acre, Alex Coulton and more. Anyone curious about the label’s actual catalog should check out the CO.LD compilation that hits shops on April 11th, as it pairs previously released material with two Pinch exclusives and a couple new cuts.

In the meantime, here are the two Pinch mixes that could pass for mission statements…

1. Alex Coulton – Equilibrium [Dubplate]
2. Acre – Trace Loops [Cold Recordings]
3. Mumdance & Logos – Legion (Ipman remix) [Tectonic Dubplate]
4. Livity Sound – Vapours (Pangaea remix) [Livity Sound]
5. Paleman – Admiral [Dubplate]
6. Elmono – Citric Acid [Cold Recordings Dubplate]
7. Ipman – Lucha [Cold Recordings Dubplate]
8. Joe – Slope [Hessle Audio]
9. Livity Sound – Velez (A Made Up Sound remix) [Livity Sound]
10. Kinzy – Pressure [Dubplate]
11. Pinch – Obsession (The Possession) [Dubplate]
12. Pinch & Mumdance – Whiplash [Tectonic]