SUBTERRANEAN’S CHOICE: Stereolab, “Neon Beanbag”

Wondering when MTV’s gonna play music videos again? They certainly do on Subterranean, today’s answer to 120 Minutes. Presenting the show’s clip of the week, an s/t exclusive :

Gosh, how long has it been since Stereolab made their last video? It’s kind of amazing because the video for “Neon Beanbag” will leave you feeling like it’s still 1996. They are hell bent on maintaining that old school 4AD aesthetic, aren’t they? If you put this next to, say, “Ping Pong” or “The Free Design” you’ll see a lot of visual overlap … aesthetically. And yet the actual visuals couldn’t be more different. It’s funny how the fabled 4AD video style manages to do that–encompassing lo-fi, colorful, out of focus videos by twee bands.

That said, the MTV2 Subterranean crew are really enjoying the new Stereolab album … all 20-plus tracks of it.