SUBTERRANEAN’S CHOICE: Okkervil River, “Lost Coastlines”

Wondering when MTV’s gonna play music videos again? They certainly do on Subterranean, today’s answer to 120 Minutes. Presenting the show’s clip of the week, an s/t exclusive :

We premiered this video on MTV2‘s Subterranean show late Thursday night in conjunction with our sister channel mtvU, who continue to premiere it all day today. Lately, the Subterranean staff has become obsessed with Okkervil River’s obsessive fans. They do stuff like go to the Okkervil message board and post up stories of meeting the band that end with strange questions about why Will Sheff seemed awkward and/or uncomfortable while meeting them.

A word to the wise: we encourage you to never meet your idols. The more you love them and identify with them the more likely they are to completely let you down in person. That is why we’ll never meet Okkervil River. Plus we probably don’t have enough clever literary references to be engaging for very long.

Anyway, presenting “Lost Coastlines” …