SUPPORT THIS: And This Week’s Really-Could-Have-Been-Headlining Opening Act Is … Lullabye Arkestra

Words and Photos by Andrew Parks

The Artist: A Do Make Say Think side project that shreds.

Their Latest Release: Threats/Worship (out September 1 through Vice)

Who They Opened For: Children @ Glasslands, 8.13.09

Why the Bill Should Have Been the Other Way Around: Contrary to their sheep-chasing name and Six Degrees of Broken Social Scene connection, Lullabye Arkestra don’t rely on pristine indie pop hooks to carry us home; no, they sling subterranean bass lines and sucker punch drum fills like a lo-fi Kylesa. Hell, they even covered the Cro-Mags’ anthem “We Gotta Know” on Thursday night, causing one rabid concertgoer (Amazing Baby guitarist Simon O’Connor) to rush the stage, pump his fist like a piston, and subtly sing along.

Just about everyone else was too busy depleting Glasslands’ free Colt 45 stash to truly appreciate the nihilistic noise of Canada’s craziest married couple (singer/bassist Kat Taylor-Small and drummer/singer Justin Small). Which is too bad–Cold 45’s terrible no matter how you repackage it, and Lullabye Arkestra, well, they’re easily one of the most surprising extreme music acts we’ve seen all year.

Be sure to check them out when they return for a full tour this fall. Until then…