Tadd Mullinix Readies New Charles Manier Record, American Manier

Charles Manier

Longtime Ghostly International associate Tadd Mullinix has been on a tear with his own Bopside imprint as of late, starting with a long overdue LP from his 2AMFM collab with D’Marc Cantu last summer and continuing with the reemergence of Mullinix’s Charles Manier alias later this month. Due out November 27th, American Manier appears to be another artfully damaged affair from the Ann Arbor producer. Sample its first couple singles below, along with a full stream of 2AMFM’s self-titled LP…


Charles Manier
American Manier
(Bopside, November 27th)

1. The Chop Stop
2. Auctoritas
3. Bryozoa
4. Stag Error
5. Deatomized
6. Reciprocal Altruism
7. Sift Throught Art Collecting People
8. CS510X
9. Unsubscribe
10. Under the Boris Zenker Building
11. Living Youths