THE S/T SCOOP: The Spinto Band Announce Brooklyn Residency, New Record

Good news from the wild streets of Wilmington, Delaware: The Spinto Band, self-titled‘s favorite indie pop act, has finally finished their latest full-length and is close to sealing the deal with a new label. Not only that; they’ve also confirmed a month-long Thursday night residency at Brooklyn’s Union Hall.

“We are hoping for more of a bro-down than a concert atmosphere at these shows,” explains guitarist Jon Eaton, “And think Union Hall is the perfect setting.”

The dates and details:

7/17 – with Emily Brodsky, TBA
7/24 – with Sin City Band, TBA
7/31 – with Pepi Ginsburg, Balls of Flame Shoot Fire
8/7 – with Public Record, TBA

“Japan is an Island” (directed by Albert Birney)


Three months of basement rehearsals went into the making of Moonwink, which was tracked in a month by Dave Trumfio at Kingsize Studios in Los Angeles. According to Eaton, the results were “much more exciting” and varied than the band’s last LP (Nice & Nicely Done, Bar None) because of this newfound focus. Not to mention the occasional brass outburst by Danny Levin, a sometime Rilo Kiley collaborator.

Moonwink is a lot more bizarre than Nice & Nicely Done,” explains Eaton. “The songs tend to go on interesting tangents rather than down a straight path.

He continues, “Unlike the last record, it was created in an environment that wasn’t too concerned with the commercial value of what we were doing. Fans of our ancient home recordings–all 50 of them–may be pleased. It’s still pop music, though.”

The Spinto’s hope to release Moonwink in the fall, “but need to check the lunar calendar as Prince told us it was good karma to release an album on a full moon.”

Indeed. For now, we’d like to offer the following exclusive download: “Summer Grof,” a breezy, spring-loaded burst of hand claps and head-circling hooks.