UNSOUND SPOTLIGHT: 5 Questions With … Demdike Stare

Demdike Stare

Demdike Stare

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1. Describe your Unsound set in a couple sentences.
Reflective and moody, with part improvisation/real time sampling, and some new material being tested.

2. If you could book any living artist for a festival like Unsound, who would it be and why?
Keith Fullerton Whitman, as we think he’s one of the most interesting, and in-depth musicians alive.

3. What’s one record you’ve obsessed over lately, and why?
The Pelican Daughters LP on Forced Nostalgia, and in fact any release on the label; it’s one label that people aren’t ready for, and hit’s the spot every time with amazing research and uncovering of the best music.

4. How about a song you can’t stop playing?
The version of “Black is the Color Of My True Love’s Hair” by Esther Ofarim, sent to us by a friend from Boston. It’s only available on a DVD of the German film 11 Uhr 20. (Or on YouTube!) It’s a beautiful version of the classic Scottish folk track.

5. What are you working on now, and what can we expect from you in the rest of 2012?
A hundred things! We’ve just finished a soundtrack for a vampire movie, getting ready to launch our reissue label with Andy Votel, Dead Cert, and new material for Demdike Stare and Slant Azymuth projects, as well as sourcing a couple of new artists for our own self-released DDS label.

Demdike Stare performs at the Bunker’s Unsound party tonight at 1:50 a.m. in Brooklyn.

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