Vatican Shadow Shares Exclusive Fabric Mix, ‘Remember Your Black Day’ Track

Since Vatican Shadow is set to roll through one of their side rooms this Saturday—on the same night as Regis and Ricardo Villalbos!—the folks behind Fabric’s London club have scored two exclusives from the Producer Sometimes Known As Prurient. One is a streaming selection from Dominick Fernow’s first proper Vatican Shadow album, and the other is a mix that reveals the roots of his recent turn towards militaristic techno. Check it…

Vatican Shadow, Fabric Promo Mix:
Kevorkian Death Cycle – Water
Fuse – Substance Abuse
Traversable Wormhole – Universal Time
Leather Strip – Dreaming (Two Demo 1982)
Strom.Ec – YlöSnousemus
James Ruskin – If
Vatican Shadow – Peace Rage
Franco Battiato – L’Era Del Cinghiale Bianco
Ninos Du Brasil – Ciencias Ocultas
Lussuria – Keys To Unlock Paradise (Roman Showers)
Goblin – Suspira (Main Title)
Sandwell District – Falling The Same Way (Regis Mix)
Molder Machine (Featuring Atrax Morgue) – Music For Dead Brains
Prurient – You Show Great Spirit